your heart is like mine, filled with all things benign

Once upon a time, a much younger version of myself would have easily been able to accomplish the amount of champagne-sipping, trouble-making, party-attending, scandalous-dress-wearing, mischief-making activity in one weekend like I did this past without batting an eye. In fact, this girl from the past would probably not even dream of sitting in front of a computer on a Sunday night, organizing photos and googling pictures of puppies.

But I am not that girl anymore. 

After a wine-fueled weekend that had me saying farewell to a dear friend moving to the west coast, travelling to the burbs for a wedding shower, gala hopping and enduring music so bad it could be considered a crime at a nearby dive bar, I am exhausted. 
My ankles are swollen from the 5 inch heels that my feet were living in, my pillows forgot what my face looks like and I am even having trouble stringing together a proper sentence to describe this fatigue. Tired? Yes. Worth it? Double yes.

Here are a few snapshots taken from the Arc Hotel's 10th anniversary party hosted by BlackBook Lifestyle, a new creative firm in Ottawa that I am proudly part of!

Miss Hilary Seymour giving me an impromptu photography lesson

Tony Martins from Guerilla Magazine and I laughing a little bit too hard at our own jokes.

Now back to the good old grind!