how long

cheap monday shirt, zara skirt, nine west shoes

Hello hello.
A lot on the go lately. Spent the day editing scripts, planned out my next month worth of projects/gigs and listened to Charles Bradley while scrubbing my spoons and cleaning my sheets.
I'm about to dart out for a quick date with a friend and a stroll before it pours. 

outer frame

PERSONA x Levi's x Fubon Art Foundation x BLANQ

PERSONA is an art project collaborated between Levi’s x Fubon Art Foundation x BLANQ. No cutting or sewing was done, but only the use of safety pins to keep these denim sculptures together. The use of safety pins allows the denim jeans to stay true to its shape and personality, so if taken apart, the jeans could still be worn. via Paper Whales and Source.

I'm loving these sculptural denim pieces. I was just hired to conduct a workshop teaching teens how to re-purpose clothing so I have been seeking out some inspiration of using staple wardrobe pieces, like denim, and making it into something not-so-ordinary. 
I have always been an advocate of experimenting with the design and function of garments. The idea of re-working or re-wearing a piece to serve a different purpose than its original intent is, to me, the foundation for the concept of style.


A few snaps from one of the many out-of-town trips that will be made by me and my group of bandits this summer.

why the colour blue you ask?


I don't know the reason why. Maybe because it was the last colour I saw before I realized the things I loved were never obligated to love me too. 
I'll tell you what its like to see the world behind cloudy, delicate frames since I was never able to find myself a pair tinted rose. I accept blue because its gauzy and hides the swampy shade my eyes turn in june and november.
I find myself looking up and thinking about how the hottest stars are white and blue. I think about the last glimpse of blue before the sun sets in the sky and when we say bon nuit I think of the moon under your skin. I wonder about people who do things because they believe in them and for other reason at all. 


What happened in Vancouver this week is certainly not the spirit of the city that I like to remember. 

wearing a sense of self

photo source unknown

Things I wear when I am not wearing clothes.
I wear my skin.
I wear 4 tattoos. 3 of which I love, 1 a silly reminder of my impetuous youth.
I wear my fingernails, which are usually shaded in black or red. 
I wear Givenchy Very Irresistible. 
I wear my mannerisms. I wear my words. Sometimes I wear these things with conviction. Other times with uncertainty. 
If I was funny or charming, I would wear my sense of humor or my allure. But I can't always count on these things.
I wear my freckles and I wear the scar on my knee and the ones on my arm.
I wear my thoughts, my worries and my desires. They manifest themselves on my face. 
I wear my heart on my sleeve.


Acne dress, Zara bag

like metal on your skin

Photo Source: Jedroot

feeling this

Image sources: various tumblrs &jjjound