The Uniform Project 1.3

Style-- The Angles of an Outfit
Documenting my adventures in fashion these days has proved to be extremely therapeutic for me. Therapy for what? I’m not quite sure. But normally I’m not really into dressing up and then writing about it. Fashion has always been something that I’ve been innately drawn to. It’s never been something I’ve felt was fascinating enough to sit down and scrutinize for too long. I suppose that’s the difference between loving fashion and loving style. Style is second-nature.....continue reading.

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Big fan of the AW2012 collection by Ruby--a good balance of girl meets boy in some kick ass metallics and softer textiles.


Press play. Belt out of speakers. Enjoy. 

shape as image

"Don't ask me about inspiration...image is a simple way of saying complicated things." --Qiu Hao

The Uniform Experiment 1.2

Versatility--When Simple Ventures Into More Complex Territories 

If there is one thing you need to know about the fashion industry, it’s that things get boring quickly. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that fashion followers alike need to be constantly shocked with the “new,” which is the reason why fashion houses launch lines out of the normal spring|summer and fall|winter periods – resort, ready-to-wear, couture, pre-fall, post-winter and so forth. The need for novelty rules...... Continue reading. x

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the art on my walls

These three prints by Lucy and Bart, a photo collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess, can be found on a wall in my apartment. I love them. I adore them. There hasn't come a day where I've been tired of looking at them. They've been in my face for two years and I still find myself hopelessly intrigued by them. 


Being the lady about town that I am (and also having a wicked job that gives me the freedom to pursue my other projects) I often end up in the wrong place at the right time. For example, about a month ago I was lurking around the Models International Management studio and poked my head in to hang out with Jessica D'Angelo and Dana Pizzolato, two of the wickedly cool gals that who work for the agency. Just my luck, that day there was a shoot with one of their models. While I was there I snapped a few photos of their gorgeous space and, in order to stay true to my annoyingly inquisitive nature, I thought I'd ask the girls a few questions about the agency. Enjoy a short n'sweet Q&A with MIM. x

What distinguishes MIM from other agencies? 
Honesty and integrity. We create a partnership with our each of our models, providing them with adequate training from modeling, style, hair and make-up coaches, while working with them to help build their modeling career.  

Where do you search for new talent? 
We are constantly scouting! There are so many beautiful faces of all ages just waiting to be discovered whether it be on the bus, in the mall, or on the street. If we see someone who we think has potential, we will often approach them and invite them to come to the agency meet with our team, whether it be one-on-one or in an open casting environment. 

Do you have recommendations for aspiring talent? 
Confidence and dedication, just like anything else, will bring you a long way. Being a hard worker and open to feedback is essential when working in the fashion industry. It is important for new talent to understand that there is a lot to learn, and being open to the learning process is a great quality for aspiring models to possess.

What's important for potential candidates to know when applying to MIM? 
Research is the best first step when choosing if the modeling industry is right for you. Looking into agencies in your area, and meeting with representatives will give you insight into which agency is right for you. It is also important to research the fashion industry itself. Although personality and confidence is a big part of modeling, it is undeniable that image will play a large part as well. Understanding your look and which market would best suit your image is a great thing to be aware of before committing to modeling. 

What is MIM bringing to the Ottawa fashion community? 
Models International has been an established agency in Ottawa since the 70s, and has constantly pushed to stay at the fore front of the fashion industry locally and internationally. We promote fashion-forward and classic style with our models. Owner Sophie, along with stylist Renee are opening a women's boutique at the end of the month, Viens Avec Moi, which will be an extension of the agency. They will provide styling and shopping consultations for their shoppers, models, and clients. 

What are your thoughts on the Ottawa fashion community? Is there one? How can it be improved? 
The fashion community in Ottawa is small, but recently thriving. There hasn't always been a strong community for this industry in Ottawa, and although we will never be New York or Toronto, Ottawa definitely has some talented individuals who make the community what it is! Every client, model, photographer, or artist that we meet working in Ottawa has always been passionate and excited about their work - that's what makes Ottawa's community strong! There is definitely a demand for fashion in Ottawa, we just have to understand that it might be different than other major cities.

Dana Pizzolato is a booking agent and takes care of the web development. She has been with the agency for over a year and a half and has really brought a spark to MIM. 
Jessica D'Angelo is the newest member to the team, and she works on the Public Relations and does styling as well. Jessica loves her work and is very excited to be part of this amazing team.

The Uniform Experiment

For 30 days I put myself through a fashion experiment testing the idea of a fixed-look and examining issues surrounding the notion of "fast-fashion" and over consumption. Ef Magazine and I joined forces to create a series documenting my exploits which will be published for the next four weeks on their gorgeous revamped website. Read about day one here. I hope you'll follow along.

I want to send a special clin d'oeil to Nixxi, a brilliant line based out of Vancouver who sponsored my little escapade. I was completely honored and grateful when this uber-wicked Canadian brand approached me to be part of this project. Ef will feature an interview with Nixxi along with the outgoing experiment. I urge you to check them out! x

sweet outside, nuts on the inside

Portrait of the last few days
Taking part in some very productive hibernation.
Waking up most mornings with the feeling that something has changed, something subtle, something I don;t quite understand yet.
Saw The Coppertone at Raw Sugar. Dope.
Toying with the idea of starting a band with my friends. None of us sing, but we can all almost play an instrument....I might just stick to dinging a triangle and writing lyrics.
My new neighboorhood is in sandwich heaven. Two blocks away--German Town. Four blocks away--Bowich


Nope. Just took an enormous step back from all things social and all things digital for a while. Let me tell you: it was a great escape! Sometimes getting away from all internet distraction is the best and quite possibly the only way to get some clarity when things around you are not so clear. But I’m back with a bang and have a lot of wicked projects and news to share with you guys. I don’t want to give too much away but stay tuned this week for the launch of a fashion experiment series I did for Ef magazine in partnership with Canadian design line Nixxi.
Before I sign off, I want to quickly say thank you to all of the people who read and follow my blog. What a year it’s been –probably the most thrilling, tumultuous, revealing and important year I’ve ever had! Through this blog, you have all been here to witness a strangely intimate part of my life and I want to sincerely thank you for all of your support, comments, critiques and opportunities. 2012 is going to be a good ride!