Storyboot Project

For the month of October, Victoire displayed the Manitobah Mukluks 
Storyboot Project--a collection of artist-made mukluks and moccasins. 

Designed in partnership with Aboriginal elders and artisans across Canada, the  
Storyboot Project helps Aboriginal communities achieve self-sufficiency by ensuring the sustainability of 
traditional Aboriginal arts. The initiative offers a 50/50 profit sharing agreement with the artisans – 
providing a true partnership in the business of promoting their designs abroad. Each Storyboot is 
handmade using traditional methods & materials that have been passed down from generation to 
generation, often taking artisans days to finish a single pair. The partnership with Victoire was the first of its kind for Manitobah Mukluks. And, if you ask me, a very fitting collaboration between two mindful companies.

I was given a pair of the moccasins to play around with and snap a few pictures of. It was hard not to fall madly in love with how beautiful they are, as well as simultaneously gush with appreciation for the craft, detail, materials and manner in which they're made and sold.