the future

This is all just a series of interactions and reactions. And sometimes the avoidance of them. It's almost romantic that the greatest moments were not always necessarily when you were happy, but when you felt the potential of happiness.

heart-shaped bruises

My photography skills have been questonable lately. So have my general "being normal" skills--especially those needed for walking and stuff. 
This post is named after a fancy little bruise my ass earned after I tripped down the steps at the Whalesbone over the weekend. Oh yes, my clumsiness has been a whipping good time ;)
These quick snaps pretty much sum up the fun parts of recent times....excluding the graceful plumett of course.

The part of life not pictured here is fragmnted pieces of my disorganized self.
Life in boxes. Check. Boatload of work. Check. Project deadlines advancing quickly. Check. Lack of substantial sleep. Double check. Normally, I'm fairly good at holding things together, but alas, it's about time I smashed my life up and figure out what to do with the pieces.


It’s utterly poetic the way we side-step around the things we’re desperately trying to hold onto, isn’t it?

this village is yours and mine


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The always rad and incredibly stylish girls running the show at Models International Management invited me to their envy-inducing office last week to hang out. After bonding over a collective unhealthy bridgehead habit, and discussing the idea of good-digital-friend-vibes and how one does, or does not, possess these vibes, we chatted about all the upcoming projects the girls are working on. A peak inside their studio and the scoop  on what to expect from MIM will be posted soon! x

fallen #9

Rupert Tapper for Fallen Magazine

pitch perfect

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Recent inspiration--the "french tuck," delicate jewellry, regular clothes becoming super-hero-esque with the right gust of wind, racer backs.