'projects + ideology + temperament + social group + psycho biography = photographic character'



leisure suit

This editorial has been around the block for quite some time ow. But I find myself drawn to most of the elements from these looks every season. Cropped demin. Men's inspired t's and blazers. Accessories with some movement and functionality   


club monaco men's dress shirt, vintage mesh bottoms, american apparel bathing suit, diesel boots

Welcome to stone cold fox headquarters: Where the water is warm, the sky is moody and the girls wear boots with not much else:. Welcome to my haven. My home away from home. My getaway. Wakefield. This summer I've been trying to skip town as often as possible and travel to the nookish-destination just a hop-skip and a jump away from Ottawa. There is just something so darn charming about that place that I can't get enough. Although, travel time, its close, but man! does it ever feel like a change of pace. If you know me, then you know my whole hearted love for sneaking off the beaten path, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this deserted private dock made for suggestive lounging and dipping your toes. 

the fall

Night after night, the girl dreams of falling. Falling from planes, rooftops and clouds. She had been falling for so long she can't remember how she ever landed in one world, one city, one spot. She used to dream of punching. No one in particular. Just punching what was around in order to feel  in control, but it always ended with a rubbery arm and misconnection. Now she can't stop falling. Sometimes she is awoken by a calloused hand, other times because she is holding her breath. She's never afraid. She's only concerned  because doesn't she can't remember if she jumps because she wants to or because she has to. 

while we wait for the others


n21 resort 2010
Love the clothes. Love the hair. Love the concept. 

how they haunt


Here are the results of a little shoot I did a while back with a team of creative folks whom I have been working with quite a lot this summer.
Although I have been stretching  my styling skills and working like a well-oiled hound , I haven't been posting too many images. Hopefully by Fall, once the majority of them are published, I'll have the green light to share some more of my work with you. 
In the mean time, enjoy this sneak peak into the transformation of a Japanese demon. 
Scary, no?

conte d'ete

It's a good time to get lost in music.

no 'think' just 'be'

I'v decided to put pen to paper and start keeping a journal again. I used to recount the ins and outs of my days for years, but stopped for reasons I can't remember. And what's even more inexplicable, I set fire to all my old diaries during an adolescent revolt...or maybe I was feng-shuing... I really can't recall why but I regret it deeply. 


If we were having cyber sex right now I would say 'F/WEG/2BZ4UQT?' But I'm not and you're not and we're not. But the facts remain the same. 
Life is relatively good and absolutely busy. 
Don't let those bottles of Stella in the picture fool you...this girl has been w.o.r.k.i.n.g it like nobody's business .The blog has taking a back seat, but not to fret, it will reclaim the rightful position of shotgun again soon.