Behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot I worked on

dead-pan like a pro

A few beautiful images from Angie's Model Showcase that took place this past weekend at the Canadian War Museum.
Thanks to full-time photographer, part-time provacateur Dan Ziemkiewicz for the images and a special thanks to Grave Odumo from Angie's.

this day that day

Midnight galavanting.
Drinking green tea liqueur under statues.
Nars Multiple in orgasm and south beach.
Eating duck salad sandwiches from Murry's Market.
Beautiful rays of light coming from all directions. 

perils of a housewife

monsters in fashion

Art and fashion have always been in bed together. But the exhibition ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion, at the Benaki Musem in Athens, Greece takes the natural coupling one step further by examining the ongoing evolution of fashion's presence in culture propelled by contemporary design and gaudy showmanship.

Character study is always  a hot topic for designers, but this exhibition curated by Vassillis Zidianakis, takes that one step further by studying the gruesome and the scary looks that haunt the runway.

While I will spend the next few months dreaming of a summer in Athens, I probably won't make it to see the show. I may have to stick to checking under my bed every now and again for a glimpse of something scary.

the remix

A few shots from Chinatown remixed

the gentleman's guide to villainy

blue hue

susan schwab

image sources unknown

its in my genes to dream

images by Stadtstaub
"Do you ever feel like you are wasting your life?"
"Only when I'm awake


chanel trench, club monaco tank, nicole miller skirt, spring boots, zara bag

wasting time lately, its been so lovely
spent the last few days with my mum
lazing in the country over the weekend, saturday soaked in salty waters, sunday walking through budding forests
today i met with a creative fella and we are going to make some beautifully dark pictures together
music taking over 
feel like running, but its not really about running away, its about the desire to run


yes please.