Had dinner at Vittoria Trattoria with Ju, a friend so true to my own heart.

We dreamt of romantic getaways to Rome, strolling the streets with the cool sophistication of a local.  Sporting leather jackets and Hermes scarves in our hair we would eat sandwiches stuffed with slabs of fresh mozza cheese and ripe tomatoes while sitting around extraordinary fountains.
We fantasized about sitting under a tree in a park, reading prose and drinking espresso generously gingered with sambuca. 

We are simple girls with simple tastes.

skirt:pink rose  shirt:army supply store  shoes:winners  necklace:antique skeleton key on old chain  earrings:a cheap jewelry store from the mall  belt:club monaco

stayin in

denim jacket, dress, boots, pearl earrings, gold bangle:vintage  belt:club monaco   glasses:vera wang

image source unknown

Call me slow on the update or maybe just a bad blogger; I haven’t posted anything substantial for a few days now.

It was one of those weekends that being an offline , semi-hermit was more appealing than any party/opening/fashion show/etc that was happening. As much as I love to be a gal around town, sipping and skipping through the nightlife of the city, this weekend I traded martinis and gallivanting for antique shopping, eggs at Jaks with a few dear friends, the film 9 songs (sexy. erotic. groundbreaking. might post some more thoughts on it…but I definitely recommend watching it), tea and cherry preserves and some serious face-time with my mini-schnauzer, Ingaborga.

Self medication, yes.


when the going gets tough, the tough break it down

Tough times are the friction needed to launch off into great things. This is why people from grim backgrounds can often go off to create innovative and fantastic things in life

Certain parts of my life have crashed and burned in the last few days. But, as easy as it would be to sit around and cry tears into my glass to dilute my vodka, I am trying out new methods of dealing with my current existential crisis. 

Over the weekend, I attended the IFCO’s gala Reel Rebels, a mini film festival featuring a batch of short films from local filmmakers. There were so much diversity in the styles and the support from the community for this creative niche was nothing short of inspiring.

(dress:kimchi blue   sweater:zara  leather/fur jacket:GOLDR SHEBSHboots: extremely old, from Etzio on Whyt ave in Edmonton   purse: from  my fave little hidden gem shop in Ottawa, Ruby X. I am really not doing the purse justice in this photo. It is covered with dark silver studs and has this huge metal/crystal skull on it.)

drive with caution

Instead of being upset about being misintrepretted, I go looking for it, i hope for it, I wait for it. Its the right method, turning things to my advantage in order not to suffer from them.

Sophie Calle

dreams die hard

leather jacket:vintage  jeans:diesel   boots:spring  shirts:urban outfitters & club monaco  belt:vintage  necklaces:vintage chains, pendant from market in mexico


 Paris Vogue April 2010.

I am such a sucker for fringe, boots and donning more bangles than you have fingers. You’ve got to hand it to Paris Vogue; I think they are the only ones that can make wearing fur in the middle of a North African desert look like just another day at the beach.

scout niblett

fly by

dress:diane von furstenburg blazer:vintage fedora:chinatown in Ottawa studded cuff: h&m necklace:gravity pope boots:chocolat boutique in MTL

a six year old and a stuffed tiger

I can’t say that I am one of those people that truly remember much of their childhood. I always lived more of my life in my head and through fantasy than being actually resent on the playground; and now as an adult where memory is all I have of that  time, it is all so blurred. What was real and what was imagined?

 I was quite a precocious little girl and had and still have an innocent draw towards Calvin and Hobbes. I think I was attracted to the cynicism, the sass and the mischief.
Even after all these years, I can still relate to the logic of this little boy and his stuffed tiger. Call me crazy, or intellectually stunted, but here are a few quotes

“Reality continues to ruin my life”
“That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world. Happiness isn’t good enough for me. I demand euphoria.”
“What’s the point! Everybody gets good enemies except me”
“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. Last minute panic.”


the beginning of a new and improved era

ph by Eric Mercier

Why hello. I love art. I love words. I love style. I've drank the kool-aid and now I'll be blogging.