when the going gets tough, the tough break it down

Tough times are the friction needed to launch off into great things. This is why people from grim backgrounds can often go off to create innovative and fantastic things in life

Certain parts of my life have crashed and burned in the last few days. But, as easy as it would be to sit around and cry tears into my glass to dilute my vodka, I am trying out new methods of dealing with my current existential crisis. 

Over the weekend, I attended the IFCO’s gala Reel Rebels, a mini film festival featuring a batch of short films from local filmmakers. There were so much diversity in the styles and the support from the community for this creative niche was nothing short of inspiring.

(dress:kimchi blue   sweater:zara  leather/fur jacket:GOLDR SHEBSHboots: extremely old, from Etzio on Whyt ave in Edmonton   purse: from  my fave little hidden gem shop in Ottawa, Ruby X. I am really not doing the purse justice in this photo. It is covered with dark silver studs and has this huge metal/crystal skull on it.)