happy new year

hazy days

After a 5 month self-induced shopping ban, I finally caved (well, sort of) and went into Victoire a few days ago.  Like salt in the wound, I like to suffer and going into Victoire, when I vowed not to purchase any new clothing until 2011 is the ultimate agony. Every time I'm in that store, or even walk past it, I ask myself, why why WHY do they always have the cutest stuff! Yes, even their windows are always adorned in the most irresistibly stylish of ways.

 The first thing I saw when I walked in was a black, structured purse ( unfortunately I forgot the name of the brand) that looked like something Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman would be toting around...surely a bag I would put to good use.  Only a few more days until that shopping ban is a thing of the past.

If you haven't yet checked out Victoire's very first commercial, you should; sweet, stylish and cheeky, just like the store itself! 
I hope this is only a beginning of a series of commercials to come

windowpanes whitewalls wintertime

I once read somewhere that no one needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. and I can fully attest to that!

 I just returned from one of the most hectic xmas holidays I have had in years  and I couldn't be more ready for a few days of 'real' holiday time before I start my new job in the new year.

For the last week I've seen enough highway, family, tinsel and turkey to last me until the next holiday season. And as much as I love hotel beds, travelling and was fortunate  to have  seen so many beautiful cities and towns from Ottawa all the way to the Atlantic coast, I am so happy to be home and counting down the days to 2011.

Hope you all had a great holiday season and are as excited as I am for New Years! It just so happens to be my favorite ( well, maybe tied  for first place with Halloween) holiday and reason to have a party! Can't wait!


steady as she goes

I'm holding onto so many words that I've written and pictures that I've snapped over the last few days.

Leaving for the Atlantic in T-3 hours on a trip that was planned, well, today.  I wish I was going for a greater reason than what's actually impelled me, but reasons are reasons, take 'em or leave 'em. I'm looking forward to spending xmas on the coast, seems like I have been every where but the coast in the winter: the prairies, the rockies, on tundra, in the capital...so I'm looking forward to seeing another part of the Canadian landscape all frosty and frozen, and dark and romantic.

For now, here are a few photos from the weekend. 
Spent it in the merriest of ways: with friends, eating and drinking, a bit of shopping on Dalhousie,  in the bath, making jewellry, curled up in bed wrappd in new sheets, sipping on a pimm's and at the hardware store gathering supplies for new art projects.


because we are visual

Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claestwo Belgian documentarians presented their acclaimed YouTube-based film at this year's Amsterdam Doc Film Festival. To read more about the film and an interview with the makers, click  here

He taught me how to drive by

And that's what this is, a drive by post. 

Not too many words for now, just some pretty|dark| odd things to look at while I play catch up on blogging and battle the busyness on the work-front.

{I have no idea who created any of these images, since most of them were found through various tumblrs and usually aren't credited. But if anyone knows the sources, I would love to as well, please leave me a comment}