steady as she goes

I'm holding onto so many words that I've written and pictures that I've snapped over the last few days.

Leaving for the Atlantic in T-3 hours on a trip that was planned, well, today.  I wish I was going for a greater reason than what's actually impelled me, but reasons are reasons, take 'em or leave 'em. I'm looking forward to spending xmas on the coast, seems like I have been every where but the coast in the winter: the prairies, the rockies, on tundra, in the I'm looking forward to seeing another part of the Canadian landscape all frosty and frozen, and dark and romantic.

For now, here are a few photos from the weekend. 
Spent it in the merriest of ways: with friends, eating and drinking, a bit of shopping on Dalhousie,  in the bath, making jewellry, curled up in bed wrappd in new sheets, sipping on a pimm's and at the hardware store gathering supplies for new art projects.