tell every one i'm yo lady, no ifs, ands, buts or maybes

(MaryAnn Harris vintage coat and clutch, diesel sweater, lux pants, club monaco gloves)

The kind of girl that likes sea salt on everything, that's me. 
I like hotel beds and I like magic, both black and the kind that pulls rabbits out of hats.

Lounging around wearing vintage slips and listening to records is an acceptable way to waste your day, if you ask me.
I like to read..... like EVERYTHING. Books, quotes, warning labels, graffiti, other people's grocery lists. I like it all.
 I like prowling through vintage stores and flea markets and I like collages.

I'm the kind of girl that you smoke cigarettes and sip vodka with, promptly followed by pickles, preferably my Grandma's recipe. 

A city slicker with a knack for navigation, but likes getting lost in the forest.
On my better days, I consider myself to be a clever girl. On the bad ones, I'd like to put everything I've learned in a big bowl and toss it out the tenth floor window.
Some people call me romantic. I hope I am remembered for being a dreamer.