the provocateur

image by Michael Comte

Charlotte Rampling.

Her va-va voom is enough to give everyone watching her a collective heart attack - and she's probably cool with that.
She's played a Nazi sex kitten and has become infamous for playing other sexually explicit and overtly erotic roles in films. 
She's openly admitted to being in a menage a trois relationship with her husband and a young french male model.
Oh yeah, and the Pope has even condemned her.

Ms. Rampling is one of those iconic women who I am in awe of; their every movem cooly calculated and done with great exploratory intent. Aware of her sexuality, aware of her vulnerability. Realistic about basic wants and desires almost to a fault, yet a a utopian energy is cast in her soul. The kind of woman who would go to bed with a man, experimentally, to find out about him, but mostly to discover something new about herself.

In the interviews that I've read, she speaks in a way that you can't help but quote, but here is one of my all time favorites:

“ I am fascinated by the whole process of what it's like to be alive, whether it's unbelievably uncomfortable and horrible or whether it's quite nice”.


(image sources unknown)