ruby red lips, painted finger tips

Starry eyed and elegant. Lip smeared champagne rims. Mistletoe and boxes with bows.  
Lace. Fur. A wink. A nod. 
Wear a hat and sip mulled wine, cause tonight's the night that's gonna shine.

Myself and fellow stylist/blogger Erica Wark got together a few weeks back to create an easy-breezy Holiday what-to-wear-guide for all the dames out there who need a little inspiration. 

Here is a sneak peak  of the guide which is set to be published next week. 
To read the whole article, visit Fashion Weekly magazine.

Lace. Classic black or worn as a way to mix prints, lace is always a staple this time of year.

Fur, jewel embellshments, and outwear accessories worn inside (like hats and gloves) will add interest to any cocktail dress.

Masculine tux elements or girlie-girl ruffles. 

The classics.

All photography by Dan Ziemkiewicz

Special thanks to:
Angie of Events in Style for the space
Hair by Fiorella Di Nardo
Make up by Angie Cambareri