ladies lunching over bloody marys

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new places, favorite faces

Relationships are the gateway to the self, everything will show up. My friends are my mirrors and I try to be theirs.

Despite only living in the 613 for a few short years, I have acquired the most incredible group of friends. They are an eclectic bunch, nothing short of inspiring and bold. We have formed what seems like boundless relationships built on our mutual love of dressing up, setting things on fire, dancing, PDA’s and trying to shock/delight/ bring each other to tears at all times. 

As what only could be described as bittersweet, I got together with a few of these friends for a bon voyage brunch for Ju. My favorite little French girl is moving to pursue art and dance and life in the big city. It is hard to imagine Ottawa without her seeing as we both moved here around the same time and shared a similar eb and flow of new-city adjustment; this place just won’t be the same.
I think sometimes in life we are drawn to certain people because they are something we are not or can say the things that we wish we could say. I know that Ju amazed me with her creativity, drive and loyalty. Baby, you are gonna be missed!

Reason number #154 why I’m going to miss J: at the drop of a hat, the girl would let me dress her up in outrageous outfits and prance around outside in extreme weather condidtions for the sake of satiating my creative impulses! Now that is LOVE.
These pictures were published in The Dinner Jacket Magazine August 2009 issue. 



Beautiful. Vogue cover model. Singer. Outspoken about the fashion industry. Married to Jack White.  And serious style muse. What isn’t Karen Elson. I lovelovlove her style and want to raid her closet.


dammit i wanna dance

weekend warrior

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Spent the night at a dive bar drinking syrupy cocktails and practicing patience and tolerance. The place was nasty and not in a Janet-Jackson-sexy-kinda-way, but in the epidemic-kinda-way. I regularly enjoy venturing out of my comfort zone and putting myself in questionable circumstances for the sake of observation and voyeurism. Normally, I take no pleasure loitering in establishments where cutlery is only an option, shirtless frat boys dance on tables and catfights (a la Jersey Shore) are status quo, but heck, a girl’s gotta live a little.

Visited the Canadian Museum of Civilization to see Sharks at the IMAX. Stroked the sleek wood used to build installations of enormous First Nation’s housing structures. Counted tree rings feeling unusual and tragic and alive. Drank dark & stormies, cooked shrimp quesadillas and dressed up in monocles and top hats for a monopoly marathon with friends.

Bootcamp, guilty pleasure reality shows and hiking in rockcliff park. 


Love Lou Doillon in this quirky little movie for Vanessa Bruno spring 10!

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Now I know that my erratic posting can be a bit annoying, but I am a woman obsessed with change and improvement….well, at least lately.

And breathe. 

After facing a spout of bad luck over the last three weeks, things are looking up. This week was spent mostly with a few girls that may soon take over the world. No joke. These inspiring friends of mine have injected me with hope, positivity and a realization that things happen for a reason. (A sentiment I would have drop kicked last week, but this week, it makes sense)
I have no doubts or limits in my life. Constantly forwarding yourself has taught me that ups and downs come and go.


polaroids & party dresses

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I may need a weekend to rest after this weekend. Busybusybusy!
Hit up La Petit Mort last night to check out Remi Theriault’s exhibit, “Instant Stories” followed by Beaujolais at Chez Lucien and then a friendly gathering at Social  with my extended family and friends I don’t see often enough.

seeing red

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Cleanliness is godliness, as my grandma not only told me while growing up but scoured into my head with a brillo pad and a toothbrush…for those hard to reach cracks.
This time of year I tend to be in a spring cleaning mode frenzy. Out with the old, in with the new!is a phrase I am all too accustomed to hearing growing up. I tried to fight the urge to purge and for years I was successful; a rebellious little pack rat. A bad girl hoarder. My filing cabinets would be bursting with papers and articles ripped out of newspapers. My closet, a clash of trends, seasons and years gone by, everything becomming lost in a weave of fabric. I was content with my feeling of nostalgia and nothing short of smug when I would need something (albeit months/years) later when it was almost forgone in the previous spring catharsis.
But times have changed and as I like to say, bad girls never die, they just get more refined. And with refinement comes organization, at least some contrivance of organization. I have learned that one must pick and choose their battles and mine will no longer be for space in my closet or otherwise.
On that note, my waredrobe and pantry are not the only parts of my life that feel the brunt of my organizational mission. Music stored on my computer and MP3 player get their turn on the chopping block as well.

During day one of the music overhaul, I compiled a mixed tape for a friend of mine that I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!