Cleanliness is godliness, as my grandma not only told me while growing up but scoured into my head with a brillo pad and a toothbrush…for those hard to reach cracks.
This time of year I tend to be in a spring cleaning mode frenzy. Out with the old, in with the new!is a phrase I am all too accustomed to hearing growing up. I tried to fight the urge to purge and for years I was successful; a rebellious little pack rat. A bad girl hoarder. My filing cabinets would be bursting with papers and articles ripped out of newspapers. My closet, a clash of trends, seasons and years gone by, everything becomming lost in a weave of fabric. I was content with my feeling of nostalgia and nothing short of smug when I would need something (albeit months/years) later when it was almost forgone in the previous spring catharsis.
But times have changed and as I like to say, bad girls never die, they just get more refined. And with refinement comes organization, at least some contrivance of organization. I have learned that one must pick and choose their battles and mine will no longer be for space in my closet or otherwise.
On that note, my waredrobe and pantry are not the only parts of my life that feel the brunt of my organizational mission. Music stored on my computer and MP3 player get their turn on the chopping block as well.

During day one of the music overhaul, I compiled a mixed tape for a friend of mine that I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!