weekend warrior

shirt:club monaco   belt:vintage   skirt:zara   boots:aldo   earrings:F21   bracelet:vintage
Spent the night at a dive bar drinking syrupy cocktails and practicing patience and tolerance. The place was nasty and not in a Janet-Jackson-sexy-kinda-way, but in the epidemic-kinda-way. I regularly enjoy venturing out of my comfort zone and putting myself in questionable circumstances for the sake of observation and voyeurism. Normally, I take no pleasure loitering in establishments where cutlery is only an option, shirtless frat boys dance on tables and catfights (a la Jersey Shore) are status quo, but heck, a girl’s gotta live a little.

Visited the Canadian Museum of Civilization to see Sharks at the IMAX. Stroked the sleek wood used to build installations of enormous First Nation’s housing structures. Counted tree rings feeling unusual and tragic and alive. Drank dark & stormies, cooked shrimp quesadillas and dressed up in monocles and top hats for a monopoly marathon with friends.

Bootcamp, guilty pleasure reality shows and hiking in rockcliff park.