Possibly my favorite styled shoot of all time. I constantly refer back to these images for inspiration.


Clothing making
Bibimbap eating
Conan Mockasin listening
Denim wearing
Buffalo '66 watching
Vintage shopping
Travel arranging

fronts and backs

10.11. Oyster Magaine #90


who's afraid of the big bad wolfe

 This is the work of Sam Woolfe Connelly
He combines everything I love about illustration: baroque horror, scary anthropomorphism, girlie colours and dreamscapes. 
What more could you ask for?

welcome to the union

Diesel union jack skirt, vintage leather coat, F21 gingham coat, spring boots

Wish I had more time to write something.....anything. But, I'm blogging on the run and all I've got for you is a quick outfit post.
I have been pretty crafty lately; making accessories from found bits at a hardware store and clothing out of everything but fabric. Tonight I am going to the kingdom of leather, somewhere in Quebec. I've been told it is like sacred ground....a warehouse full of supple hide. All different colours and textures. So many possibilities! If I'm not back by the morn...send a search party.

OFW and a weekend that made my head spin

I`ve been sleepless and wild for days. Its Tuesday and just now do I have time to finally post about my weekend at Ottawa Fashion Week and the Arc Hotel. I worked all weekend, but luckily for me my job was to hang out with artist-types in hotel rooms drinking vodka, taking pictures and talking about the finer things.

OFW. I saw, I mingled, I drank, I interviewed and I am pretty sure I posed for some after-party photos that will one day bite me in the ass. Oh well. What are are weekends for but to roll around hotel beds wearing heels?

Ottawa antique Market dress, Aunt Olive's biker jacket, zara bag, spring boots, DIY accessories

My girl Erica from Erica on Fashion strutting her stuff for one of the many designers at OFW.
Amber from Biased Cut and her friend Sarah
 I've got to honest, I tend to be a wee bit skeptical  of fashion events in the capital and I am yet to wowed ( but don't mind my snobbery).... I do however support any and all local initiatives. I know that any fashion-related event in Ottawa is easily shrugged off as superficial, meaningless and laughable, and this I completely disagree with. There is something bubbling in Ottawa lately that I feel has been a long time coming. It seems like people are tired of mindlessly complaining about what is wrong with the culture in Ottawa and finally doing something about it. 
So, I say unless YOU have designed an entire collection or unless YOU have organized a well-executed, large-sclae event like OFW, then you can shut your trap.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the designer Adrian Wu and will be publishing that article soon. He received a lot of fanfare for his avant-garde, experimental collection and after speaking to him, it is entirely well-deserved. Not only is he maniacally creative, but the man is intelligent, humble and knows what he eff he is taking about. He is fully aware of why he is involved in fashion and views it as a true artist does.
More to come soon on Adrian ! But now its time for party photos.

photographer Dan Ziemkiewicz and I caught in moment while partying it up at the arc