some girls wander by mistake

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...but not me. I drift intentionally.
Hi again blogging world. After a prolonged absence, I am fully charged and ready to get back into the swing of things. 

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No Man's Land - Dan Ziemkiewicz

This weekend brought me a sequence of sleepless, wild days, swirling on vodka and wine.

Thursday- (yes, my weekend started thursday) Blackbook's Genies party at the Arc hotel, spent the night stumbling in and out of elevators wearing  an over-sized tshirt and an armful of bangles, met some fellow ottawa fashion bloggers, and got silly with my boys.
Friday-Birthday. No Man's Land at le petite mort. Good lighting. Avant Garde and Ribombante. A bunch of people I  love smooshed into a booth at Mercury Lounge. 
Saturday-Flipping through books on vintage style. Self-taught guitar. Got almost half-way through the Godfather pt 2.
Sunday-Phantom of Paradise. Hardware store. Turning nuts and bolts into beautiful pieces that will rule my style for spring.