don't mind you on my skin

Last night I braved the snowstorm to attend Thann's holiday shopping party at their Bank street location. 

If you haven't already heard of the brand before, Thann is an all-natural hair, skin and body care line. They use 100% natural ingredients in their products and they  package it all up in 100% recyclable material. They promote environmental awareness, support human rights groups, do not test on animals,  employ fair working standards AND their products are incredibly effective, smell amazing and last a long time. Enough reasons for you to love them?

Makeup artist and beauty guru, Melody Iafelice and I. 
Melody actually wrote a great article about Thann skincare on her blog, which you can check out here.

And this is what I wore to the event

vintage fur, shirt, scarf and riding boots, aldo necklace

I know what you're thinking: she's BAAD! 

She smokes menthols in the winter and wears FUR doing it. I bet she reads Lolita, talks during movies and litters sometimes! 
Well, yes. Yes, I am guilty of those things... which is why I use Thann products too counterbalance some of my more questionable habits.