wearing a sense of self

photo source unknown

Things I wear when I am not wearing clothes.
I wear my skin.
I wear 4 tattoos. 3 of which I love, 1 a silly reminder of my impetuous youth.
I wear my fingernails, which are usually shaded in black or red. 
I wear Givenchy Very Irresistible. 
I wear my mannerisms. I wear my words. Sometimes I wear these things with conviction. Other times with uncertainty. 
If I was funny or charming, I would wear my sense of humor or my allure. But I can't always count on these things.
I wear my freckles and I wear the scar on my knee and the ones on my arm.
I wear my thoughts, my worries and my desires. They manifest themselves on my face. 
I wear my heart on my sleeve.