laying low

(grey diesel vest, club monaco shirt and belt, current elliott jeans, aldo necklace)

I have the tendency to go into "professional reclusive-mode" as I like to call it. I usually barricade myself at home, embrace my hermit-side and let my voicemail answer most of my calls. I refer to it as "professional" because this is the time I usually get down to business: uninterruptedly, I can tackle my pile of to-do lists, re-organize music/computer files/portfolio images, write peacefully, play dress up in my closet and discover all of the neglected clothes from past years, clean my fridge out, organize all the scraps of notes on napkins I collect, catalogue all books and get the picture.
I openly embrace my need for solitude and am very fortunate at this point in my life I can afford to take a quiet step back from all the hustle and bustle to tend to the small, but important parts of my life that need a little loving care sometimes.

So, you are probably thinking, well, great for you, but what's the point of all this yammering about my space and free time, blahblahblah? Well, good news for you, i have had plenty of time to put together another playlist for your listening pleasure. After an afternoon listening to Soloman Burke and sipping on my luke-warm coffee while flipping through all my records, I was inspired to put together a little something something for you. Hope you enjoy!