i prefer an interesting vice to a virtue that bores

No, I didn't come up with that gem of a line. That was Molière. But I have been thinking a lot about overrated virtues and under-valued vices.

Jealousy vs Fairness
Vanity vs Modesty
Rage vs Self-control
Injustice vs Integrity
Lust vs Virginity
Regular vs Decaf

There are times when our virtues can dull down our reactionary response and contour us into seemingly well-adapted members of society. Normal. Fair. And impartial. Everyone marching along to the monotonous drone of diplomacy and etiquette. 

But selfishness can be provoking.

Embracing some of our vices  can make others stare wide-eyed, surprised by the complete and utter regard for your own wants and needs. It also makes you entirely accountable for your own actions, your own choices. There is no one/thing/law/rule/societal reason to blame for the outcome of your choice or reaction but YOURSELF, and that's a lot of pressure. So perhaps we hide behind our virtues, afraid to be accountable for our real desires? 

Vice or virtue. Good or bad? Will we always need to chose the righteous path over the individualist want? What's it all worth in the end? Maybe nothing more than a pack of Marlboros. Maybe not.

Oh yes. And fashion of course.

(vintage knit and scarf, H&M black dress, Lucky belt, DIY floral bracelet)