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It is just me or did Ottawa Fashion Week completely overshadow Halloween? Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, there are a lot of people roaming the Ottawa downtown decked out in their alter ego costumes.

Going in to Day 2 of Ottawa Fashion Week, I have been a little swept up in the busy-busy hustle and bustle of the shows and all that accompanies fashion-fused events like the one this weekend. In fact, myself and a few other "creative" types that I consort with have toyed with the idea of throwing away all of our idealistic notions of being  ethical and true to our "art-forms", if you will, for a taste of the good life: to be full-time socialites. What do you think? Does Ottawa even have any socialites? Maybe some scene-regulars or a few people who always know how to get into the parties where the wine is free, but REAL socialites...I don't think so. 

Noted by another party-goer last night: who was in the past Governor General Michaelle Jean's entourage? She seems like the kinda lady who might mix with some interesting sorts. Well, if any of you have an in with MJ, let a sistah know, would ya!

Anyways, enough toying with the idea of parties rather than meetings and sex tapes instead of 
 published articles.

I won't dive into too many details of the events at OFW until the end of the weekend, but rest assured there will be plenty of photos and reviews to come! In the meantime, here's a song to get loose to because now's the time for dancing. Its Saturday!

Refueling at Ada's Diner this morning for tonight's activities

aunt olive's vintage jacket, bb dakota dress, spring boots, hat from nyc, aldo necklace