only doing it to weed out the wimps

Attention Ottawa readers: get your voices heard or at least tell the rest of the city where you can score the best pho!

Yes. It is that time of year again: the ottawa xpress BEST OF voting time!

 (picture source unknown)

Now, if you are anything like me, you are probably shaking your head, wondering who the hell the ottawa xpress think they are, listing and dictating what is, ahem, "hot or not" in our fair city.

If I may be so bold; I think that anyone in this city that has any ounce of interest in keeping up with the times can agree that the xpress is the most pitiful excuse for a cultural publication EVER. I mean, can something thinner than my fingernail even be considered a publication? Really? I hate to be the one to say it, although I highly doubt I am the only one, but every Thursday when the new issue drops and I see some standardized promo picture on the front cover detailing some person or event that has little to no direct local cultural relevance, I really have to hold myself back from marching straight into the office of this theoretically domestic paper and politely delivering a note that has nothing more than 'you suck' scribbled on it. (NOTE: this is not a jab at any of the writers at the xpress, we all know you are caught up in a bureaucratic web you can't control, so don't be sending me any mean emails; save that rage for the page and start writing what you really want to write about, mmk)

This is the one time of year that the xpress actually becomes significantly pertinent to our artistic community members and local businesses, so show your support and vote for the people, places and things that turn this humble government mecca into a thriving influential community. Go here. Thanks.

Oh and this is what I wore today while fueling for my rant.

(ebase vest, zara dress, vintage belt, report boots, KAJ purse, gifted scarf)

While I'm at it and you're in the voting mood, this is another election you may want to take part in. Just a suggestion.