timing the beat of my heart

Do you ever dream so much that you start to scare yourself? Do you make it your mission to drive your body and mind into a situation that is so foreign or strange to you, only for the purpose of feeling something new, like someone new? Do you ever want to shock your system so brutally that you purr yes or scream no without hesitation or fear of repercussions? 

Do you ever tell strangers lies because you may never get to utter a sentence like, " I'm a poet. I collect fallen butterflies and I am afraid of the dark"  and have someone actually believe you, even for a second? 

Have you ever just wanted to jump in the lake, naked and cold and swim until you  need to scream for help? Or climb that rooftop and flicker your toes over the edge imagining you could fly? Sneak into the lobby and fuck in the men's room or out run the security guards, laughing the whole time?

We are never as safe as we imagine ourselves to be and I think this may be the weekend to rediscover all of the fallen fantasies that have been slowly suffocating and breath life back into them.