and this is the reason why

There is nothing better than being reminded in the most unexpected of ways why you love the city you live in.

Example 1: While taking my dog for a walk late the other night, a man standing on the corner of the street, slowly and seductively lowered his sweat pants to show me his butt.

This was no drunk college student looking to get a laugh from his friends; this was a man in his mid-late 40s, standing alone in the street, wearing what looked like pizza-grease stained sweat pants, who made AND maintained direct eye-contact with me while lowering the elastic waist of his bottoms. He then exposed his bare-ass to me. I politely smiled, nodded my head and continued about my walk.

In any other big city, I’d like to think that flashers and exhibitionists are as common as hot dog vendors and Amnesty International advocates as they are in Ottawa, so when a pleasantly bizarre interaction happens here, it is definitely more note-worthy and a lovely reminder that this place is maybe a bit seedier than we would like to think.

Example 2: Taylor’s Genuine Food and Wine Bar! I was treated to a lovely dinner by an even lovelier companion  the other night at Taylor’s, which just opened up in old Ottawa south, and my my my, it was one of the best dining experiences I have had in the city yet.

I have a lot of friends that work in the industry and as a vetern myself, I can say that Ottawa is definitely a food snob city. We love our dim lighting, new speak-easys,  small plates, locavorious-inspired menus, celebrity chefs and usually anything from Mariposa Farm. Don't you agree? No need to deny our elitism here. Lets just admit it and say this societal characteristic positively adds to our local appeal, culture and makes for some good eatin!

Taylor’s is a fairly new joint, playing loud indie music in a tight little nook waaay down Bank street. The service was casual, cool and seamless, as was the food. I’ll spare you the details of the meal since a. I have no photos of the food and b. I am not much of a food-blogger plus my tastes are….questionably sometimes ( for those that read this and know me, they can attest that on many occasions I considered spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar a delicacy). But don;t let my tastes deter you. If you live in Ottawa this is a place you surely won’t be disappointed in!

This was a quick shot taken right before I darted off to make my dinner reservation. The photo does not really do the shirt justice. It is crafted by an Edmonton designer called Morena who uses bits of fur, supple leather, rich suede, yarn and various bits of wools and cottons then combines all the bits to create 100% eccentric, sexy and form fitting pieces. i'd like to think of it as the-sum-is-greater-than-the-parts sorta fashion.
I will have to wear this piece again soon and take clearer pictures so you can appreciate how fantastic it actually is.
Happy Hump Day all! (and in case you are in the area of Cartier and Maclaren, this is your warning that a midnight  butt flasher may be lurking nearby)