lessons learned

My my my. Hump day has come and practically gone already. The days sure go by fast when you are restoring your life from the bizarro, and in some cases, unfortunate chain of events that happened this past long weekend. 

Now you might think this post is going to be a description of the nitty gritty details of how this weekend had me losing my identity at an electric pow-wow, a friendly misunderstanding with Quebec officers and an extraordinary coincidental meeting with a man I had never met, but we are connected by a picture of a tattoo; but, i swear, if i told you, you probably wouldn't believe me. 

Instead this post is more of a fashion "how to": how to make one dress work for both a sage-smudging seance and a day time look.

 1. Set up materials.
Needed: candles, matches, cigarettes, sparkling wine, sage, music, your friend's newly acquired apartment

2. Fire

3. Dance around house banishing bad omens or spirits

4 Attire

Don't be predictable. I say seance, you think black, right? Choose something that makes you look like you don't need to prove your smudging and chanting abilities to anyone. It's not the costume that is going to banish those bad omens, is it? 
Wear something comfortable; something that uninhibits your freedom and wild moves. Don't wear too many bangles, fringe or anything that could easily catch fire.

With a few key accessories, you can easily take the dress you wore at the divination and turn it into an appropriate outfit for 10am coffee sippin and park walking.

Throw on an over-sized sweater or coat to give it that casual-cool look, also if you accidentally burned holes in the sleeve of your dress your coat will hide that little blunddr. The coat pictured is by eco-frindly, Toronto-based clothing company Passenger Pigeon
Wear flats. Your feet are probably sore from all the dancing the night before. no need to hurt yourself now.(pictured Diesel boots).
Tights. You may have felt it appropriate to be fiercely tight-less the night before, I mean, you probably were a bit sweaty with all the fire and frolicking, but it is daytime and it is Fall girls. Lets keep it classy, ok?



I hope you 've learned something today. Until tomorrow's fashion adventure, bon nuit!