Veronica B Vallenes

As I type this I am listening to the wind shriek like a banshee outside my window.
Its snowing. Its January. And we have about two and a half months left of polar conditions and wind chill.
Yes people, the rumors are true. Canada is a place where frost bite is just status quo.
[at least for 5 months a year]

To combat the disparity that can be overcoming when looking out the window into the white abyss, I like to think of all the flimsy things I'm going to wear once spring time hits.

I particularly love the designer Veronica B Vallenes
Every collection she produces is simply exquisite. All of her pieces are romantic, effortless and balanced. And her lookbooks are always styled impeccably.
I love the color palectte for her SS11 collection and am determined to incorporate as many headpieces as I can into my daily outfits.