mind over matter

the flea-robert hooke

Lately, my evenings have been spent trying to untangle all the knots I've managed to tie my brain into during the day. 
I've been writing about biology, and more specifically cells and micro organisms for work; and for those of you who follow this blog, you should know by now that science is not my forte. 

For those just tuning in, my head is usually stuck firmly in the clouds, so microscopic living organisms and how they function are not something that holds my attention

But I came across a few  beautiful biological illustrations  by Robert Foote that grabbed my attention and sent me on a bio-inspired art hunt


cork cells-robert hooke

daniel zeller

joe whaley

jo whaley
clint fulkerson
chonaoflagettes found on google image

reproductive organs of the flower
new species of sea cucumber
new species of an acorn worm
polon IV-thomas medek