small talk

A few weeks ago the very adorable Emily, from Tinfoils Tiaras, tagged me in a blog ritual to reveal seven things about myself. So, to oblige my blogger duties, here goes:

one. I have a fear of going blind.


two. In my early twenties, I once tried to start an all girl rock band called Lashes. I was learning drums and had some disillusioned idea that I could sing like Karen O.
Our first song was titled Cheetah. It was about a boy I dated who’s name was Cheetah. He told me he loved me within 36 hours of meeting one other, while in a hotel room with a few of our friends, over a game of poker and three fingers of bourbon.
I told him I was going to make him suffer and poison his idea of women - just to scare him off.

He said he still loved me.
We broke up a few weeks later and from what I heard he impregnated a  stripper soon afterwards.

The band's second single was going to be called Lunar Masturbation.


three. I say, 'it is what it is.' A lot.

four. I am smart as a whip when it comes to navigation.


 five. I have a weakness for oysters, black lingerie, boots, tales of romance, midnight dips in the ocean/pool/lake and sitting rooftop at night


six. I don't believe in god. I believe in humanity. I believe in art. I want to believe in generosity.


seven.  I always have an escape route. 
When I am walking past an unmarked van, I STOP and make sure to go AROUND the van and walk on the driver's side rather than the side with the sliding door where I could possibly be snatched. 
When walking down a dark alley or a quite street, I check for the first house or building with lights on. The first place in running distance. 
I once read an online forum where parents were talking about now if they keep their kids fat and homebound, they will be less likely to be kidnapped because they will be less cute but much smarter. 
I'm not sure how i feel about this but, 
hindsight 20/20 doesn't count if you're dead.