midnight strikes

Woot woot! First blog post of the new year! A few days late, but improving my tardiness didn't make the resolution list  this year.

I hope all of you spent your final moments of 2010 clinking glasses with lovers and friends, swaying on a dancefloor with flushed faces and rosy cheeks or  running a muck on the streets, celebrating your vices and soon-to-be regrets.

I am pretty sure I did all the above with people that I love.

Somewhere down the line, New Year's got a bad rap. 
Nowadays, it seems most people underestimate how magical of a night it is; to make an end is to make a beginning, right...or something to that extent.

I've got to say, nothing irks me more than "excitement stiflers." Those with comments like "its just another night out at a bar with people drunker and louder than normal." 'Well, yes. Agreed. The amateurs do come out and play that night, but there is so much more to new years than staggering drunks and girls wearing tiaras and sequince. 

New Year's is my favorite holiday. It is a time associated with optimism, renewal and that bit of midnight magic that makes you want to write your own lesson plan. 
Take charge of your recklessness. 
Tame your regrets; even if only temporarily.

I certainly don't make resolutions every year but this year I made an overarching promise to myself that I will no longer break promises to myself.

 I'm also going to focus on achieving/working on the following:

read more classics
call the folks regularly
fight the urge for immediate reward
read the manual - as soon as I can find it
preform random acts of sexual citizenship (explanatory blog post to follow soon)
I paved the way for the work I'm involved in (and love) and I am going to keep working my buns off
continue to be inspired and disgusted by life -  keep my eyes open, become more aware

vintage sweater (worn as dress), Colin Stuart boots, vintage and diy bangles, beads and earrings


Crafts with superpowers

Its gonna be a good year.