taxicab confessional

Only in the back of a taxicab at the stroke of midnight can a girl tell herself, "I want to be a songwriter" and mean it. Although this particular girl has never written a real song and can hardly hold a note, girls tend to be dreamy when they are chauffeured around after dark.  

The city has been a playpen for the restless lately. The wannabe songwriter and her posse have been bumping into all four corners of Ottawa's snug confines trying to rattle the cage. Some of the songbird's friends are toying with inclination, while other's are flirting with infatuation-clearly all are curious about matters of the heart and questioning the loves of their lives. The minute love starts clouding the brain of silly girls with scattered dreams they start to act like someone in a high fever-bizarre, nervous and fantastic. These girls begin to gaze at everyone wondering if they are their true love, the one destined for them and whether they might be passing them by forever.

Pitted against one another, head vs heart is an unfair fight, wouldn't you say. One knows the outcome, while the other calls the shots. The songbird and her girls may want to give up on love and go back to dreaming in the backseat of cars.