camera obscura

1. See this sweater. It's from Nixxi.  I'll be wearing it a lot over the next month. It's the main attraction of an experiment I'm doing in collaboration with Ef magazine launching the first week of November. Stay tuned.
2. The right light. It's more important to me than any cosmetic I've ever owned. In fact, every year on my birthday, when asked what I want, the answer is always "good lighting."
As of late, I've also become really interested in industrial-like furniture and lamps. I'm hoping to start on a few projects--like this lamp-- that will (hopefully) keep me busy once the temperature drops and my instinct for hibernating kicks in,   
3. Two sides of the light on nepean street.
4. I've been wearing a lot of oversized white-ish wool sweaters as messy dresses, in-a-pinch jackets and in ways to make not-so-functional-outfits a dash more sensible.
5. I hate to judge a book by its cover, but overtly metrosexual men make it hard not to. This picture was taken at trio while teasing boys.
6. Last minute riffling
7. Shine on 
8. Another perfect sky
9. Photo by Joost Van Den Broek. I first saw it in part of the world photo expo in the summer and it's been stamped in my mind. I can't figure out if its the mona lisa smile, the crop of the image or the damn uniform, but I have become slightly obsessed with it.