givenchy FW11
If February is the month of love and July is the month to give into lust, then September is the month to wear Agent Provacateur lingerie underneath a smart trenchcoat and walk around seducing the city. September is fashion. September is desire; desire to dress sharply, look chicer and toss out the old in order to welcome the new. With all the post-fashion week buzz going on world-wide and in Ottawa, I’ve felt compelled to put some thought into what’s actually going on in the fashion world.  No. I won’t bore you with a list of what hot and what’s not, nor will I try to fake my way through a trend report. But lately, in the always theatrical fashion world, I’ve noticed a trend in synchronicity. People are becoming enlightened with universal connectivity.  

Living in a world crammed with information, and having it all at our fingertips, things can get noisy. We often don’t hear the right notes in a rhythmic succession when they are drowned out by the toneless ones. Over the last year media, technology and especially fashion have focused on curation more than ever to cut through to what’s authentic.

Once upon a time, fashion was exclusive. Only specific industry insiders were invited to attend, take part, comment and engage in the stylish scene. This is not the case anymore. Bloggers, magazines (on and offline), designers, spokespeople and fashion followers are emerging quicker than I can type s-a-t-o-r-i-a-l-i-s-t.  Whether or not the doors to this coveted world were opened up or knocked down, one things is for sure-we no longer receive information about fashion from a single omniscient source. Fashion is interpreted, represented, mocked and criticized in countless ways by a myriad of perspectives. This change towards a more scopic attitude in the industry makes me happy. I think the more individualism in any field grants opportunity for greater innovation. However, inclusivity leads to oversaturation, which leads to overkill. This is why it is necessary that the tastemakers stay true to their aesthetic, in both design and direction. The industry leaders should be the ones to represent the truest form of autheticity within a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems that display synchronicity.