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I'm an uninspired baad-baby blogger these days. So you get this- a bunch of crap about me you never wanted to know. x

where is your cellphone? good question. coat pocket?
your hair? loose bun
your mother? committed and strong
your father? kind, but hesitant
your favorite food? oysters
your dream last night? the plot of the Italian murder mystery film Giallo mixed with a magic puppet show experience
your favorite drink? champagne
your dream/goal? travel. working somewhere between fashion and art. eating ice cream for breakfast.
what room are you in? the room where the dancing tends to take place
your hobby? will be my career
your fear? mediocrity
where do you want to be in 6 years? hitting the town regularly on romantic rendezvous
where were you last night? out
something that you aren't? punctual
muffins? eat the top. ditch the bottom
wish list item? a holiday
where did you grow up? the prairies
last thing you did? took my top off. kidding. pressed repeat
what are you wearing? grey/silver escada mini dress. slouchy dusty-gold boots. geeky glasses.
your tv? doesn't exist
your pets? ingaborga, the cutest mini-schnauzer on the block
friends? a whipping good time
your life? instance vs happenstance
your mood? anxious
missing someone? everyday
vehicle? feet
something you're not wearing? a watch
your favorite store? drug store
when was the last time you laughed? today
last time you cried? yesterday
your best friend? a destructo girl
one place you go to over and over? the path along the river
one person who emails you regularly? spam
favorite place to eat? al fresco