longing for a road trip

I need some time to escape before winter freezes everything over and all romantic notions of abandon and escape is shield over by ice and sleet and snow.

I feel like roaming the streets of a strange city, getting lost in corridors and alleys while looking for the scenic route.

I want to see old buildings for the first time.

 I want to depend on strangers for my navigation.

I am fantasizing about sitting in a dark bar, with a hard bourbon, dreaming outloud. 
I want to listen to local bands that are foreign to me and yell at the moon, "this is the best damn night of my life!" 
I want to light my cigarettes on fire with the useless map that  I ignite. I want to feel lost; swallowed by a city, then digested, churning in the stomach and traveling through the intestines. I want to be swirling around in the bowels of someplace new and pretending that thats where I belong.

Anyone have a car with a full tank of gas?