the beat goes on

When summer strikes, its hard to get out alive.
Drunk off the humidity and lit up, arm-in-arm like a big bright city, we roam the streets and beaches of the places only our bicycles and kind people with cars will take us.

August hit and in a flash, every goal we set out for ourselves in the Spring had to be met. Reckless behavior. Check. Flirting with strangers. Check. Laughing when we want to. Check. Midnight meetings on the canal, plotting the nxt bit of mischief. Check. A solemn re-trace of steps. Check. Kissing the fingertips of regret. Check. Romancing the upcoming change of seasons. Check.

Over the last few weeks, the lazy gaps in the afternoon have been filled with cigarettes, local wine and broken-in words; with analyzing our relationships, condemning those that want to poison our fun and "working" on our tans.

The summer melts hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into a new season. And before I know it, here I am left in the hazy dust of the hot season, only partially ready for Fall.

I haven't updated the good ol'blog (  for quite some time know and for a few good reasons: pre-occupation, a creative block, summer distractions, workworkwork. You know. The regular array of excuses that most of us have.
But, I am back at it and with a spanking new layout for the blog (please check the new address I realize that changing a blog address is like committing internet sabotage, but this new format will be more accommodating and intuitive for what I have in mind for this here blog. There is going to be a bit of an adjustment period but I hop your lovely readers will continue to follow!