the thunder, perfect mind

I have adored this brilliant short film based on the gnostic poem Thunder, Perfect Mind, since I first read a making-of it article in my (still to this day) most cherished issue of Paris Vogue……. way back in April 05.

I love the construction of each scene. The hard urban background of Berlin, a beguiling girl and a blend of soft drumming and hard sax make it all look so alluring. But what got me hooked was the clothing.It is nothing short of inspirational.
Perfectly coiffed and eccentrically beat-nik.

I love the variations of femininity. In one scene, Daria is swirling around the floor of a dance hall with strangers, then changing in the back of a cab and the next, reading shyly in the subway station. There is no limitations to what can be defined as daring or sexy or calculated. The contradictions in the clothing, the scenes, the prose, so intriguing to me.