fall pt2


Haider Ackerman

Max Azria

Vanessa Bruno

Like most other things in my life, my taste in fashion this season is pretty diverse, maybe even close to damn-near-chaotic. 
I can't seem to get enough draping fabrics. Whether it is sheer, jersey, layered or on its own, I simply adore the delicate, feminine and misshaped lines and layers. Especially contrasted by over-sized industrial and masculine jackets, cinched waists and bootsbootsboots! 

This season I want to focus on the word "classic". While you can flip open any magazine and see this word, in all of it's fashion-meaning: "crisp white dress shirts" and "perfectly tailored blazers", "well crafted denim" and some version of the "little black dress", I want to create meaning for this word on my own terms and by my own rules.

I consider my fashion inclinations to be evolutionary and rarely at a stand-still (ok, once in a while a brief halt). And while, I certainly don't define myself as someone who is trendy, I do make attempts at changing my style and trying new ways of wearing clothes regularly and often within the perimeters of what Paris Vogue defines ;) 
However, over the last few weeks, while day dreaming about my fall wardrobe, I have sworn to myself that I will not get lost in any more trends, rather, attempt to define what is actually and classically my style; not necessarily with definitive words, but by what I actually decide to wear any given day of the week, what I am drawn to and what I consider stylish. 
"Classic" for me is a worn-in motorcycle jacket thrown on over a cleverly, sexy dress. Or flared denim, a tousled white t-shirt and an arm full of my favorite vintage bangles. I love one-shoulders and Grecian-inspired dresses. I adore hats, particularly large-brimmed circa 1970. 

When I think of the paramount way clothing can fit a woman, I like to envision walking naked through a windstorm and, by chance, a delicate and supple piece of fabric is blown against my body. 
The idea of clothing that moves with you and is subtly subversive; clothes that accentuate the body and indicate feminism in a phlegmatically daring way is, in my opinion, ultimately the most sexy, strong and stylish.
Realistically, I will still pull out the faithful skinny jeans and trench coat once in a while, making my "classics", look like everyone else's "classics". But, while the rest may be double wrapping their scarves around their neck, preparing to brace the chilly fall season, I will be throwing my scarf into the air and hoping for a windstorm.
Here's to Fall!