HM denim, veromoda blazer, diba shoes
Someone told me a few weeks back that I should stop creating for perfection and start creating for fluency. They were referring to my writing and art-making. I like this advice. A lot. I've been giving and taking a lot of advice lately. Seems like all my bitches be having problems. But, I like problems. I like helping people figure their issues out. Not because I think I'm Freud, but because I like smoking cigarettes with people and talking about the truth. I like my own problems too. They have become as dear to me as my shadow. I go through periods of roller-coaster heart palpitations and I often wish my probelms away, but who knows where I'd be or who I'd be without them.  

Speaking of roller coasters, I had this strange dream last night that I was famous for falling out of roller coasters while they were running their course, and surviving. I would go on all different types and attendants would assure me that they strapped and secured me in. But, like clockwork, after one loop-de-loop I would slip out of the harness or seat and come barreling towards the ground, only to land on my feet.

If this isn't some kind of strange sub-concious metaphor, then I don't know what is. x