OFW-Amber Watkins

Photo: Ming Wu

Ottawa Fashion Week hit the ground running with the first series of shows last night. As expected, the work of  Ottawa's remarkable, but somewhat isolated crop of independent designers, showed alongside some of the big hitters in Canadian fashion. I was able to catch a few of the shows last night and rub elbows with some finely-dressed people in the newly revamped, and extremely impressive, convention centre. There is so much gorgeous design going on in one place at one time, it is hard not to be inspired.

One of the shows I was really excited to see was by designer Amber Watkins. who's line of colour-by-number swim suits were a palpable joie de vivre. In Amber's world, there is no spring-its straight to summer. Her suits are perfect for the cheeky beach bunny, who wants to show a little cheeky, while hitting  a vintage note.

I caught up with Amber in the midst of all fashion chaos to find out some inside information about the designer.

In a fire, I would grab: my Diane von Furstenberg boots. I literally did so the last time my building's fire alarm went off.
Wardrobe envy: Toughie. I am really digging Emma Stone's red carpet style lately. Rachel Bilson's casual wardrobe is really amazing though.
Extravagance: Probably beauty products. I will spend stupid money on miracle creams. I am sure they do absolutely nothing, but I at least feel like I'm putting in a solid effort.
Beach Essentials: Sexy body oil. joking!!! giant shades and sangria. 
Fashion Citation: A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
Favorite Film: Batman films- minus the terrible one with George Clooney that should never be mentioned.
Signature cocktail: Dirty vodka martini. It's kind of an appetizer too. I appreciate a multitasking beverage.
Guilty pleasure: See above.
Style quirk: I don't know if I have a quirk. I'm really, really good at finding great deals. I don't usually spend very much money on clothing, which allows me to have an extensive wardrobe.