my main man

gap denim shirt and flats, BF's jeans that I hacked up, club monaco belt

If what they say is true, then the only marriage worth having is the one between bread and butter. Naturally, this can be quite unsettling...especially if you are one of those romantic types. But for those more fixated on fashion than flirting, you know that there is another relationship that will stand the test of time. That relationship is between you and denim. 

Denim is a mature fabric; one that ages like a fine Bordeaux. He's timeless, tested and true. Denim looks good  cavorting down the street or modestly tucked under a tree. The more time you spend with denim, the more denim becomes a part of you. He molds into the angles of your hips. He hugs the circumference of your curvature. He figures out how you move and moves that way too.

Sadly, its true. Denim has let you down once or twice. Remember when he said your butt looked great in those bedazzled pockets (that brute!). Or the time when he convinced you that high-waisted was flattering (what a fool). But remember, no one's perfect and to make it in the long-run, forgiveness if key.
 Denim has made a few mistakes, but you know he means well. He's just trying to keep you happy; keep things spicy, you know?  
So let's hear it for cowboys, daisy dukes and the Canadian tuxedo! Give it up for Calvin! Here's to Levi! Denim, may our future be long and blissful.