for storytellers and dreamers

I have spent the last week satisfying a huge creative burst I’ve had. I think I’ve painted, cut, bleached, torn, pasted, wrote and burnt more things this week than I have in a LONG time. 

Backstory: I once used to consider myself an artist. I was completely inspird by literature, couture shows, modge podge, conceptual art and quilts.

I didn’t have a focus on one specific medium; I was never trying to perfect a craft, it was more like an experiment with substances and a release for myself than it was my aim to become a career-artist or anything like that. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t collaging, sketching, making clothes and jewelry, lighting things on fire and taking photos of the damage or running a muck in the city slapping elaborate stickers on any surface that would stick.

It was completely innate. And as easy as it came, easily it went.

In the last 2 years I have almost entirely stopped creating any art. My focus seemed to take a drastic shift towards commercialism, perfection and making things beautiful. But I appreciate art for the opposite reasons. I love destruction,  chaos and the void when things are purposely left incomplete. The kind of art I like to surround myself with is that which evokes anger and pity or makes my heart race or my head ache. I get tired and frustrated looking at things that only offer a semblance of beauty.
Luckily for me, my phase of seeking out perfection has seen its last day. And while this creative high lasts, I will be locked in the house and creating destruction until I go blind. 

I am constantly inspired by the brand Rodarte and its designing sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Season after season, they take clothing to a level of artistic creation that is genius. Fabric, metal and paper are transformed into conceptual pieces that look like they belong in fiction. 

Because this couture is for dreamers and storytellers.